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When Do I Need a Passport for a Cruise?

If taking a cruise is on your bucket list, then you are definitely going to need a passport. Passports are required when traveling outside of the United States.

There are a couple exceptions. If you are taking a 3- or 4-day cruise from Los Angeles to Ensenada, you don not need a passport. Also, if you are only cruising the Hawaiian Islands, a passport is not needed (this is assuming you are an American citizen).

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The cruise was wonderful. No problems. We had a great time. NCL has the best staff and the best entertainment. We took shore excursions at all four ports and we very happy with them. Jeremy, thanks too for getting us such great deal on this cruise. — Sue
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When Do I Need a Passport for a Cruise

If you do not have a passport, you must bring a certified copy of your birth certificate with you. If you are married and changed your last name, you will also need to bring your marriage certificate. While this will work, we highly recommend you go ahead and get a passport. It makes life much easier for future travel outside of the U.S.

Plan Ahead

It can take awhile to get your passport, sometimes up to 6 weeks, so it is best to plan ahead and get your passport in advance to save on expedite fees. You are required to apply in person if it’s your first passport or if you fall under some other exceptions. If you are simply renewing your passport, you can do it by mail if you meet certain requirements.

What will I need to have when getting my passport?

You will need:

1.     Filled out DS-11 Form (Do not sign until presented to the agent. SSN must be on the form.)

2.     Evidence of US Citizenship: Previously issued US passport, a certified birth certificate, consular report of birth abroad, naturalization certificate or certificate of citizenship.

3.     ID: Previously issued US passport, naturalization certificate, valid driver’s license, current government ID, or current military ID.

4.     Photocopies of Evidence of US Citizenship and ID.

5.     One passport photo (You can get them at a US Post Office, Walgreens, Wal Mart, CVS or other locations for approximately $10-$15).

cruise Information

When Do I Need a Passport for a Cruise

6.     A method of payment for the fees.

Can I get a passport in less than two weeks?

Yes. If your cruise is going outside the US in less than two weeks and you’ve just realized you don’t have a valid passport, the Bureau of Consular Affairs will allow you to schedule an appointment at a Regional Passport Agency in the US. Bring proof that your cruise leaves in less than 14 days, such as the actual cruise or plane tickets. An itinerary will not be enough.

You can schedule a time to bring all your documents by calling 1-877-487-2778 which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although bypassing all lines at the office is certainly convenient, just know that convenience has a price. You will have to pay a quick turn around Expedite Fee.

What should I do if I am leaving in more than 14 days?

Routine processing time is approximately 4-6 weeks. Expedited service is about 2-3 weeks. Once you’ve filled out all the necessary paperwork like the DS-11 and have acceptable forms of identification in order, such as your birth certificate, then you can go to a local Passport Application Acceptance Facility and present your application, proof of US citizenship and pay the fees. To locate one near you, log onto


When Do I Need a Passport for a Cruise

Just need to renew your passport? You can do it by mail if you meet the requirements. For more information go to

Want more information?

Let our knowledgeable travel advisors here at help you. We can answer any questions you may have including how and where to obtain your passport. Call us at 1-888-804-CRUISE (2784) or visit our website, Be sure to visit our resource center for expert tips and information before your next cruise!

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