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Things Not to do in Your Cruise Cabin

Six cruise ship tips to pay attention to when setting sail

Cruise Ship TipsOne of the best feelings when you initially board a cruise ship for vacation is locating your cabin. This private oasis is your home-away-from-home, and your reprieve when your fun in the sun quota has been maxed out. Your cabin’s balcony (if applicable), is the perfect escape when you feel like catching up on reading, and your cabin itself is a great place to invite friends back to mingle or have a private drink. And, for friends or families staying adjacent to one another, some cruise lines have interconnecting doors which you can open to expand your interior space.

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While you have a lot of freedom within your cabin’s walls, there are still a few activities you will want to keep at bay during your cruise. Violating safety or privacy issues could land you a stern warning from crew members, or even worse, a fine.

So, whether this is your very first cruise (get ready for some fun!), or you are considered a veteran cruiser, here are six cruise ship tips you should not engage in while on vacation:

  1. Smoking – Smoking is a definitely “no-no” in many areas aboard a cruise ship, especially your cabin and balcony. Not only are cigarettes and ash the reason behind some fires aboard ships, but most passengers consider the smoke and smell a nuisance. For these reasons, cruise ships have specially designated areas for you to light up. Be sure to read about your ship’s smoking regulations or ask a crew member. And keep in mind if the mood strikes, smoking in your cabin can leave you with heavy fines and cleaning fees.
  1. Arguing – This is more of a courtesy and privacy issues rather than a rule. Cabin walls are notorious for being extremely thin, giving your neighbors the perfect opportunity to overhear an argument or even your early morning or after-dinner adult “recreation.” Be cognizant of the volume on your television, radio, and with your voice. While you may not be arguing, keep in mind your neighbors do not want to hear your television blaring at 2 a.m. either. The same goes for cabins with a balcony – activities in these areas are not only heard well but can also be seen!
  1. Creating Ambience – Maybe your cruise vacation involves some quiet time spent with your spouse, partner or loved one. It is understandable you may want to create a certain mood within your cabin walls, but do so without lighting a candle, incense or anything else that involves high heat and/or fire. Setting off fire alarms or sprinklers will only put everyone in a bad mood!
  1. Being Messy – No one wants to clean up during their vacation but there are a few reasons why you should try to keep your cabin tidy. First, every cabin is designated with a cabin steward. He or she will keep your cabin tidy, refresh linens if necessary and help make your stay more enjoyable. One way to irritate your cabin steward is to trash your cabin. In addition, leaving suitcases, shoes and swimming gear on the cabin floor could result in someone injuring themselves during a nighttime trip to the bathroom. Quickly unpack when you first arrive to your cabin and then spend the rest of your trip relaxing, rather then having to clean.
  1. Stealing – Perhaps you have fallen in love with your super soft, plush robe or artwork and decorations in the room. Enjoy them during your trip but do not attempt to transport any of these items back home. The result will be an enormously inflated charge for any item you steal. Instead, you can ask the concierge desk if items like robes or slippers are for sale in the gift shop, or find another souvenir to remind you of your trip. And, there is always a pen, notepad and bath soap trinkets available from your cabin steward.
  1. Other cruise advice to be cognizant of is spraying perfumes in your cabin, as air circulation is limited, and hanging items over your balcony railing to dry. Many articles of clothing have been lost this way and can potentially hurt the environment.

While there are a few behaviors and activities to limit when cruising, they are overrun by a long list of incredible things to do when on a cruise (think shore excursions, shopping, eating, relaxing, and more!). While each cruise line may offer specific cruise advice when sailing on their fleet, the above-mentioned tips are useful cruise ship tips no matter which line you are traveling on. Keep them in the back of your mind and then focus on having the time of your life during your cruise vacation!

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Alaska Australia and New Zealand Caribbean Canada and New England Hawaii Mexico European River Cruises Bucket List Christmas and Holidays Group Cruises
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