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Cruise the Great Barrier Reef before its gone!

Book One of the Amazing Great Barrier Reef Cruises Before its Gone!

Great Barrier Reef Cruises Between the consequences of climate change, overfishing and pollution, time hangs in the balance for cruising the great barrier reef, and enjoying its beauty before it has diminished. Beyond the given indulgences of a cruising holiday, great barrier reef cruises immerses you into the unearthly world of Australia’s living treasure. Of the world’s seven wonders, the span and sheer magnificence of this underwater marine city, commands more than its share of attention.

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Whether you consider the threat of global warming hype or not, the Great Barrier Reef has made it on the list as one of the most immediately threatened natural resources in the world. What is at stake is the loss of opportunity to experience the largest coral reef system and the only living structure visible from space up front and personal. With over 344,000 Kilometers of unforgettable shifting kaleidoscope of reefs, islands and thousands of species of marine life; no two trips to the Great Barrier Reef are ever alike.

Great Barrier Reef SnorkelingWhen it comes to enjoying this remarkable eco system, there are options whether you want to dive into the clear blue water or while staying dry. It’s up to you whether you want to experience the Great Barrier Reef from a glass bottom boat, from an aerial view, diving or snorkeling. Since 33% of the reef is protected by environmental laws, this limits the number of people allowed in certain areas at any given time. As such, it is important to book your excursions early. There are also opportunities to fully appreciate this natural wonder through education. Ask you cruise guide about participating in a guided Great Barrier Reef snorkeling tour or visiting Reef HQ, which is the world’s largest living reef aquarium.

Diving the Great Barrier Reef plunges you into this diverse underwater rainforest for a surreal, up close look of the mosaic of habitats and nature’s living wall of islands and submerged coral gardens. Share the ocean with 120 year-old giant clams, sea turtles and over 1500 species of tropical fish. Talk to your cruise about a “Helmet Dive” which enables you to wear your glasses if you use need, breath fresh air and forgo getting your hair wet. Whether you choose to dive or snorkel, the Great Barrier Reef is one place where you will not be short changed. Both offer equal enjoyment and it’s hardly likely that you’ll ever forget it.

If you choose exploring the Great Barrier Reef from a glass bottom boat you won’t be missing much compared to your diving and snorkeling counterparts. Since most glass bottom boats have a submersible level, you actually get to see the reef as if you were under water. So if you are a traveler who prefers to view rather than engage with nature, traveling with children, can’t swim or for any other reason choose not to dive or snorkel, this is a great way to enjoy this one of a kind experience.

A scenic sky tour of the Great Barrier Reef typically occurs via a helicopter but also by plane and even hot air balloon. Flying provides a breathtaking, multi-dimensional view of the Great Barrier Reef. This sightseeing adventure also enables you to see more of the 1,400 miles of the world’s most spectacular phenomena than any other option. In addition, this tour is usually accompanied by gourmet fare and the opportunity after landing to scuba dive, snorkel, swim or simply bask in the adventure.
If cruising the Great Barrier Reef is on your list of things to do, time may be of the essence. Scientists envision that a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the water and changing weather patterns threaten to collapse this heritage site.

Established as a national park in 1975, the Great Barrier Reef is unquestionably, one of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet that is still teeming with marine life, beauty and wonder. Although at least 33% this iconic treasure is protected by several environmental laws, it remains extremely vulnerable and evanescent. So be a part of this living legend’s history and check out Great Barrier reef cruises today! Give us a call and one of our cruise experts can help you book the perfect cruise!

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Alaska Australia and New Zealand Caribbean Canada and New England Hawaii Mexico European River Cruises Bucket List Christmas and Holidays Group Cruises
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