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Top 5 Reasons to Use Cruise Travel Agents

Why Booking with Cruise Travel Agents Will Make Your Life Easier and Save You Money

 cruise travel agentsThere is a lot of noise in the travel world, and while the Internet seems to be full of travel deals, it’s a travel agent who can still help you plan the best vacation possible. Online cruise travel agents have access to the best deals out there, and while the average Internet-goer may feel like a temporary travel wiz, it is the agent who lives and breathes all things travel on a daily basis.

Happy Traveler Comment
Cesar, Thank you for helping us with our recent vacation. You and your staff were extremely helpful in planning our last minute cruise to Alaska. I spoke with many folks that had some difficulties and disappointments with their non-on line travel agents. I was very skeptical at first, but I was happy with the information provided to make it a most pleasurable and memorable vacation. — Donna and Scott

So, what does this mean for you? First, connecting with an online travel agent can help save you time. Busy people often overlook the fine print when it comes to traveling and can make a mistake that isn’t refundable. An agent can help travel mistakes from occurring and can save you time by swimming through the unending ocean of deals available. Between cruise arrangements, flight details, rental cars, cruise excursions or on-land tour packages, travel insurance and more, planning and booking a trip can be overwhelming. Add overseas travel requirements such as passports, foreign documentation and inoculation, and it’s easy to see how the fun in planning a trip can turn into frustration.

Online cruise travel agents have access to travel deals and travel packages not always available to the general public. And by forming a relationship with an agent, who learns over time about you and your family’s needs, he or she can keep an out of for fitting packages. Here are five additional reasons why booking with a travel agent can make your life easier:

1.) Saving you money – You may associate using cruise travel agents and online travel agents with spending more money, but did you know that an experienced and knowledgeable agent could actually save you money? By using inside connections to land you the best upgrade, add-ons, and lower fares, you can get a lot more for your vacation buck. Agents who have long-term relationships with cruise lines and hotels may be able to swing you perks such as a free room upgrade, free Wi-Fi (which can be costly on a cruise!), discounted parking and more.

 online travel agents2.) Customizing to your special needs – Planning a vacation alone can be stressful; add specific needs such as medical and disability conditions and you might feel overwhelmed. Travel agents have millions of travel miles under their belts, and are able to give you first hand knowledge about destinations, vacation and cruise travel deals, and specific cruise lines that can accommodate your needs. They can also personalize your vacation based on desires such as an Alaskan or Caribbean cruise, or a relaxing cruise getaway. Last, be sure to tell your travel agent specifics regarding trip demographics – for instance, maybe you are planning a family reunion, honeymoon, engagement, group experience, or your first getaway with children. All of these will require someone who is experienced in planning.

3.) Acting on your behalf – Unless you are a mega-celebrity, you most likely won’t be getting VIP treatment everywhere you go. But it is nice to be treated like one on occasion and an online travel agent can help. Because of their travel relationships, agents are skilled at negotiating on behalf of their client. They can also smooth out any unexpected travel snags you may encounter.

4.) Helping during emergency situations – Imagine traveling say, out of the country and you encounter a flight cancellation, a health emergency or natural disaster. Your agent is a phone call away and can help you with any travel insurance questions you may have (you must book this insurance in advance), or he or she can rebook you on a new flight to get you home. Traveling, while thrilling, can come with snags. Your cruise or online travel agent acts as your “go-to” person when a pitfall occurs.

5.) Offering cutting edge travel information – While the Internet can offer you a lot of information, travel agents are typically the first to know about new cruise ships, tours, programs, destinations and more. If you are a globetrotter at heart and are always looking for unexplored territory, your online cruise travel agent can help you find exactly what you are seeking!

No matter what type of travel deal you are looking for, a cruise travel agent or online travel agent is undoubtedly your best bet. Plan your trip of a lifetime by calling today at 1-888-804-CRUISE (2784). Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and join our InnerCircle for exclusive offers and cruise news you can use! Also, check out our new Resource Center, where you can receive expert knowledge from us before your next cruise or cruisetour!


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Alaska Australia and New Zealand Caribbean Canada and New England Hawaii Mexico European River Cruises Bucket List Christmas and Holidays Group Cruises
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